About Tribu Urbaine Design

Our mission

There is nothing more rewarding than wearing something that brings a smile to your face, even a small object such as jewelry !!

At Tribu Urbaine Design, you can feel proud to wear jewelry that is a unique piece that shares the same values ​​as you, namely gorgeous jewelry made with recycled material.

If you are a modern person looking to express yourself through your personal style or share a commitment towards sustainability while sporting unique fashion accessories, Tribu Urbaine Design is made for you!

Choose from our large selection of exclusive pieces of jewelry or contact the artist directly if you wish to have a piece commissioned with your preferences in mind.

The Pauline Necklace2

About the artist and her path

⇒ Isabelle

I always knew that design would be part of my life.

It might sound weird but when cancer entered my life, rather than let it get the most of me, I took it as an opportunity to reinvent myself and go back to my first love, creation.

Creativity has allowed me to find inner peace, balance, and serenity which has allowed me to regain my self-confidence.

Tribu Urbaine Design allowed me to create in complete freedom, to be able to explore new mediums and new products, without any pressure.

 It is my pleasure to share these very personal pieces with you.

Tribu Urbaine Workshop
Owner with Jack

⇒ Jack, the assistant

Not to mention that being my own boss also allowed me to be able to hire the best assistant, Jack, my little love boubou !!

An endearing Bouvier des Flandres whose adventures you can follow on Instagram @monpetitbouboudamour.

Indulge and treat yourself

You will love adding beautiful eco-responsible and upcycled handmade items to your jewelry collection!

Our History

The artist opened an online store in 2014 with the sole intention of creating exclusive jewelry made with pieces of wood found on the ground, thus not damaging nature.

In recent years, semi-precious stones and metal cut-outs have been among the materials used for the design of her pieces of jewelry.

Finally, polymer clay was added to create lighter and more colorful pieces. Any leftover polymer is sealed and recycled for future designs.

If you have a custom request, please get in touch to discuss your design idea.

The Maxine Earrings 2



The wood lying on the ground, in the forest, is an ecosystem in itself, it is eaten by fungi and insects and this leaves a superb pattern in its fibers which only appear after careful sanding.


I only use dead wood found on my hikes, branches, or pieces of trunk detached from its stump, whether or not in contact with the ground. Or driftwood that I find mainly on the banks of rivers in Quebec.


Since I work with raw materials and wood species that I know little about, therefore it is impossible for me to identify the wood with certainty. This leads sometimes to rather unusual discoveries.

The Maxine Earrings 2

stones & polymer clay


I am also asked why I use rough stones. Well, I find unpolished stones just have more character and hidden beauty.


Recently, I discovered polymer which I enjoy working with as this material lightens my creations and that is where I was going with it.


Using polymer clay has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, from the choice of colors that can be mixed to create unique designs.This also ensures that no two pieces are ever the same.

What my clients have to say

Beautiful craftsmanship and quality. Highly recommended and my girlfriend loves it.

Obert Kong

J’aime bien ces boucles d’oreilles. Elles sont identiques à la présentation. Elles sont de qualité. Par contre j’aurais bien aimé que l’endos soit peint.


These bracelets are beautiful. I often wear them, with their warm colors. Thanks!

Marie-Aimée Brottier

The Maxine Earrings 2



I do my own colors and dyes using different oils and dry pigments. And more recently, I started working with “natural” pigments such as:

  • turmeric
  • beet powder and hibiscus powder
  • brown henna and shikakaÏ
  • butterfly pea powder
  • blackberry powder
  • red clay, sanguine powder
  • or red sandalwood

Tribu Urbaine photoshoot



For the sake of authenticity, all the photos are shot in natural light.


Also, my photos are touched up as little as possible, and only to enhance their color.