I started making jewelry because I needed an activity to not go crazy!

The day my doctor told me I had two choices, do nothing and suffer more, or move and suffer less. I had made my choice! Rather than shrivel up and hibernate to avoid living with the collateral damage of my cancer, I began to create.

Whenever I created, I forgot the pain that monopolizes all my body!

My gray sky had a wonderful silver lining. And that ray of sunlight was wood and nuts! I chose to integrate wood into my creations because it forces me to go out!

Tribu Urbaine Design began as an amalgamation of my preferences and inspirations of the moment, and the wood that I found and picked up during my walks. I never cut anything off a tree, I work with fallen branches or recycled wood

All wood parts are made by me.

Thank you to all those who take the time to visit my online store.